Van Racking for Vans

At Vantage Systems Van Racking their configurations are designed with weight in mind as we are fully aware customers need to maximise available payload but we never compromise strength! These designs can be taken a stage further once we understand the load the shelves will be carrying and durability really isn’t an issue for 7 years+.

Vantage Systems racking extreme strength enables constructions in thinner steel plate, which means lighter-weight products. To get good rigidity with thinner steel normally requires modifying the shape and folding edges, such design features allowed this racking system to pass its crash test without comprising payload by weighing too much. 

To buy direct from the manufacturer go online to Vantage Direct ...............Be nice and you may even get some discount!

This racking will fit any van but please ensure you have measured it first to ensure it fits!



Roof Rack Loading ....Be Safe and check first!

Roof-racks are a great way of carrying very large or awkward items enabling any tradesman to get the job done in one journey, however there are points you should consider before loading up the van roof racks or your van roof bar!

First remember the Health and Safety of the operator so consult your manual handling at work guide, this can be found on the HSE website. You will also need to check the handbook, and ideally weigh everything you're going to carry, to make sure you don't exceed the maximum permitted roof load.

Remember to include the weight of the roof-rack and bear in mind that the limit may be lower than you expect and probably easily exceeded by something like a couple of items of flat-pack furniture.

It's generally better to carry bulky but light things on the roof and heavy items inside the van! Loads on the roof must be attached securely.

The Highway Code states simply that "you must secure your load and it must not stick out dangerously". At speed the airflow will be trying to lift the front of any long load so a secure fixing holding the front of the load down is important. You'll need a fixing to the rear as well to stop a heavy load sliding forwards under braking.

Ropes/straps can work loose so you should aim to stop regularly and check them. Other than this enjoy the benefits your roof rack will bring and also remeber to periodically check the security of your roof rack at least once a month or more if it is regular use.

Rhino SafeClamp - Urgent Product Recall

If you have bought Rhino Safeclamps after the 20th February then there may be a fault with them that impacts the safety of the product. For this reason a free off charge refund or correction will be offered.


How Van Racking & Van Wrapping Can Help Grow Your Business


For many of us today, business comes out of the back of a van. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual tradesman such as a brick layer or a company  with a huge fleet at your disposal if you use vans at work then van racking is fundamental to making you efficient for your customers. 



Some of you reading this article might be wondering if it’s something you definitely should be doing and I can say with some confidence that yes, you should. When interacting with customers making a good impression is a key to success and having your van organised in such a way that it not only makes your life easier but it leaves them feeling impressed has huge benefits. Firstly, the fact that you’re more organised means that you’ll be able to find anything and everything you need with as little hassle as possible, saving you a lot of time. This is going to make people very happy because it’s natural to look for the quickest way to get things done. Secondly, imagine if you’re left unable to find something because your work space is in such a shambles you don’t really know where to start. That’s going to leave a terrible impression and rightly so.

Good customer service is all about filling your customers with the confidence that you’re the right person for the job and then going above and beyond to prove that. If you work out of the back of a very messy van, that’s not going to fill people with very much confidence.

Using the right van storage system will ensure you’re halfway their to delivering a fantastic service for your customers, likewise if you have tools lying all over the place you essentially couldn’t of gotten off much worse to begin with. This links in to professionalism as well and racking and van shelving just makes you look that bit more professional which is obviously very important. Again you don’t want to give people any reason to doubt you because that instantly decreases your chances of positive referrals and repeat business. Van wrapping has the same benefits as well and in addition to making you look great it’s a fantastic way to market your brand.

You’ve got to look at van signage as something that really helps you stand out from the crowd. Ideally you’ll be able to make use of bright colours and eye catching designs to really help bring people’s attention to your name. People’s eyes will naturally deviate towards advertisements when driving whether it’s a huge billboard or a vehicle wrap it doesn’t matter. If you’re on the road a lot of the time the potential is really limitless for how many people could see your ad, so it’s a very efficient form of marketing because you’re not just stood around waiting for people to come to you, you’re going mobile. A good van wrapping job can bring in just as much business as your website, if not more.

Additionally it’s extremely cost effective because once it’s done it’s done, you can upgrade your wrap as much or as little as you want and it’s going to provide you with benefits all year round. This is in stark contrast to billboard ads for example because you have to keep paying recurring costs for as long as you want to keep advertising. Add this to the fact that these types of ads remain stationary and the benefit for the investment made is really quite small.

Vehicle wrapping will also help protect from damage such as scratches and road debris, making sure your vehicle lasts longer and looks fantastic at the same time.

Having van racking solutions in place will also help protect from damage. If you’ve ever damaged or even completely lost tools in your work van then you’ll know how frustrating it is. Racking can eliminate this problem because everything is stored safely and securely. If you store your equipment properly and then brake you’re decreasing the risk of damage.

Social media plays a huge part in all of our lives these days, and so it’s never been more important to provide the best customer service experience possible. These social platforms are literally at people’s fingertips so it’s never been easier to get an opinion, critique or compliment out to a large audience. This can work very much in your favour if you have an organised vehicle, which hold’s everything you need and enables you to work efficiently. However, it can also work against you if you don’t.

Think about this, if it’s taken you far too long to get the job done because you spent most of your time looking around for tools then that’s not going to go unnoticed. Sometimes people enjoy a good vent, and it’s very easy to do a quick Facebook update or tweet to let people know the work was unsatisfactory.

Finally both van racking and wrapping are very cost effective. Racking saves you money because you’re not losing or damaging tools. However the main benefit here is that you’ll be able to provide your customers with a quality service in a very timely fashion. That’s going to impact your business positively so it’s a long term investment with long term benefits, for very little cost. Well worth it!

Wrapping your vehicle will save you money because of how effective a marketing strategy it is. We’ve already looked at mobile advertising vs. billboard advertising and the fact that you can reach a larger amount of potential customers makes it a worthy investment. Depending how frequently you’re on the road you could be visible to tens of thousands of people over a relatively short time.

So in conclusion if you have a mobile business then you should be racking out your vehicles as a standard practice because it’s going to make you much more efficient. Van wrapping is definitely worth the investment and will go a long way to making you stand out from the crowd.

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How Social Media Has Impacted Businesses Online & Offline

Social media is a part of all our lives whether we like it or not, it’s something built deep into the fabric of our day to day activities, and it looks like it’s here to stay. At least for the foreseeable future.


I think the key to social media’s success is that it’s ridiculously easy. We live in a society where we have our faces constantly buried into the screens of our phones and social media is a part of that habit. 95% of people with a smart phone are going to have the Facebook and Twitter apps downloaded onto their phones and that puts them a click or two away. So they’re extremely accessible.

If I said that people trust the opinions of their friends and family much more than they do a sales ad in a magazine I’m sure that wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. One of the oldest and most influential social media platforms out there is Facebook and, connecting with family and friends is at the very heart of it’s business model. It’s through this connectivity that product reviews and videos can go viral and spread through word of mouth on the site. Even something as simple as a Facebook ‘like’ is essentially like a little vote for a product or brand, and when people see that their friends like a certain product it’s a very powerful way of making them trust you a lot more. Even if they don’t realise it straight away because it’s just so natural.

Now, one way that social media at least has the potential to impact some businesses in a bad way is if negative reviews or opinions get around, and they can spread at an alarmingly fast rate. However, as with most things there are always ways you can turn something negative into something positive, and social media gives you an opportunity to engage your customers directly. Through doing so you can discuss any ways to improve the product or service and showing that you’ve taken the time to look for ways you can improve will be greatly appreciated by your consumers.

A quick and efficient way you can connect with potential customers is by finding out who the potential influencers in your industry are. Klout is a fantastic website that can help you do that, it gives people on social networks a score out of 100 and allows you to see who’s influential in your niche. By connecting with them it gives you a chance to quickly grow your brand online by attracting likes from the people who are connected to your influencers. The van storage industry isn’t going to have a huge list of customers on Facebook but there could potentially be a lot of positive influencers so it’s worthwhile to try and connect with the right people.

Facebook for example has community groups that you can join and interact with people who share your interests, so you could find plumbers, carpenters etc. sharing pictures and ideas on their van racking or the best van shelving options available. These are the types of people that can make or break you online. Social media is all about building relationships and you want to be building the right ones by adding value to conversations and this will add value and reputation to your brand over time.

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Why Is Van Racking So Important To Mobile Businesses Today?

Do you run a mobile business? No matter what your niche is, whether it’s plumbing or catering, if you have a business on wheels then you’ll understand how much first impressions count. This article is going to discuss five simple, yet sometimes overlooked benefits of van racking solutions and why if you don’t have your work van organised as best you can then not only is it going to make your job  that much harder but you could potentially be losing custom as well.

Listed in no particular order we’ll start with:

It makes you look more professional

Van racking and shelving will make you look more professional to your customers and will show that you take pride in your work space and you’re capable of getting the job done to a high standard, a standard that they’ll be extremely happy with. If you don’t have any van racking ideas set in stone, or you’re just feeling completely lost as to where you can start then there are plenty of companies out there that offer everything you’ll ever need to make that positive impression. You don’t have to settle for standard designs; some will offer custom full van kits so you can get a complete design around your specific needs.

If you look disorganised to your customers then they’ll lose confidence in you as soon as they see your workspace and you can wave goodbye to any repeat business or positive referrals.

You’re more organised

If you do a lot of work out the back of your van then organisation really is key, you need to be able to access anything you need as quickly and safely as possible. If you start every Monday morning trying to navigate your way through trip hazards on your messy van floor then you need to look at van racking as the permanent solution to this problem.

Being organised at work is always something you should take into account because it links directly to your productivity. Just think of the hours lost since before you incorporated a storage solution to your van and you might start to feel nauseous.

Additionally you don’t want to come across as not being able to find your way around your own work van because it’s not going to make you look very efficient to whoever’s paid you to be there in the first place. This brings me to my next point.


Having your van kitted out correctly is the key to becoming more efficient at work; you’ll be able to work in a very timely manner. Because you’ve used van racking and your van’s finally starting to look like that dream work area you’ve always wanted you can spend more time on the actual tasks at hand.

Being able to complete the job asked of you in a timely fashion is always going to be something that customers compliment you on when discussing the service to friends and colleagues. Likewise if it’s taken you a lot longer than it should of done then you better believe that’s going to be the first thing that’s criticised. It’s human nature to want to get things done as quickly and easily as possible so it’s important to go that extra mile for your clients in order to meet that expectation.

Finally, unfortunately it’s a lot easier to make somebody want to complain then actually say something really nice about a product or service. If you haven’t racked out your van properly then you’ve opened up the flood gates of criticism long before you’ve even started the work.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to say something nice about you; van racking systems are a small but important step in ensuring that you do.

Van racking keeps you and your loads safe

Your safety is extremely important at work and if you’re running a business out of the back of a death trap, with potentially dangerous tools lying around everywhere then it’s definitely time to make a change. If your equipment isn’t properly stored then there’s also an increased risk of loss and damage to tools while on the road and in particular when braking. Using the right system to rack out your van will keep your tools safe making damaged equipment a thing of the past.

It’s not going to look very reassuring when you go to get something out of your van and a customer sees that it’s been broken or damaged, it doesn’t make them feel safe. Convincing them through actions, not words that they’ve chosen the right people for the job is paramount to repeat business

Saves you money in the long run

Van racking will save you money because you’re saving time by being as organised and efficient as possible and you’re not constantly breaking or losing tools because you don’t have the right storage system in place.

The amount of money you could be losing by not having a van racking system in place might send you going grey before your time. You’ll be able to go to work every day with a smile on your face because you know you’re getting the most out of your space, and you’ll be able to transfer this to your projects and make your customers happy.

Closing thoughts

This should be looked at as an investment in your business and yourself in the long run. If you don’t have racking installed in your van as standard then you’re never going to be able to make that strong first impression when it really counts. All in all you’ll feel a lot less stressed when you’re able to put more time into your customers because your van is organised properly.

These benefits are often overlooked or sometimes not even noticed because they’re so simple, but don’t underestimate their effectiveness. Choosing the right solution for your van storage needs can have such a positive impact on your work and your customers that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the investment sooner.

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Van Racking Vs Truck Ladder Racks – Is There A Difference?


Some business owners might find themselves a little confused concerning racking options and how to go about setting up their work van, it doesn’t make things any less complicated that there’s quite a lot of choice out there. With so many options available it’s very important you go for a design that’s going to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.


When you think of van storage systems two things that will instantly come to your mind are van racking and truck ladder racks. If you don’t know much about either you just know that they’re things you use to make your van better organised then one of the main questions you’ll be asking yourself is “Is there any difference between the two?”

The short answer is no, in the sense that they both serve the same purpose. Both are there to free up space in your work area and make you more efficient as well as organised. The only real difference is that van racking is made with personal vans and cargo vans in mind, whereas truck ladder racks are designed for pickup trucks predominately.

There are many different types of van racking options, such as top mounted racks and side mounted racks, and most manufacturers can make specifications to the design for a custom approach tailored to your needs.

The weight the loads can take is an extremely important safety factor to consider as well and top mounted racks can generally handle a little more than their side mounted counterparts. So naturally this should factor into your planning. For example if you’re a contractor who uses ladders for work 5 days a week then you’d probably be better off  getting a permanent side mount fixture. Some people look at racking options for holidays as well so in that case there is little to no need for permanent changes. A temporary fit would work better in this scenario.

There is a legal limit to how much you can load onto a vehicle rack as well so it’s important to consider your own safety as well as the safety of others on the road. Ignoring these requirements can result in dire consequences such as injury or even death so make sure you’re not overloading your rack no matter what type it is.

Van racking accessories are available in abundance and there’s plenty you can buy if you’re already using a system you’re happy with, such as protective rubber shelf liner and towel roll holders and all can make a big difference in helping you look more professional. No matter how small they all work towards the bigger picture of making your van more organised and reducing the time it takes for you to finish a single job. If you’re totally new to the game it’s probably a lot less stressful and much easier to just get yourself a full van kit so you know you’ve got everything you need right off the bat.

Van racking and truck ladder racks will ultimately make your work area more organised. This in turn will lead to an increase in work efficiency because you’ll be spending less time trying to navigate through your messy van and more time with customers. Think about it, if it’s taking you forever to finish a job because you can’t find that one specific tool you need then you’d have to be very optimistic to think that will go unnoticed. It won’t and you’ll be hoping that your customers choose to say nothing at all about the job because if they are saying something, it’s not going to be positive.

We live in a digital age now and it only seems to be growing more and more everyday. Most of us use some social networking site whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Therefore it’s never been more critical that you’re making your customers exceptionally happy, otherwise they’ll be more than happy to share their bad experience with their friends online.


So whether you decide to go for a van racking system, or you’re looking at finally kitting out your pickup then both systems will help you to be more efficient as well as saving you money in the long run. Just make sure you ask as many questions as you can before you buy and you can’t go wrong.

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Why You Need To Rack Out Your Vans

Plumbers, carpenters and electricians, what’s one thing they all have in common? True I guess all three work in the home improvement sector in one way or another but I’m thinking beyond that. They will all have a work van of course and they’ll all use it five days a week, or perhaps even more depending how busy they are.


So it’s vital that they all use a van racking system which enables them to get the most out of their day for their customers as well as themselves. Today we live in an ever expanding digital age and it’s never been more important to give the highest standard of customer service possible. Why? Well do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? If not then I’m pretty sure you’ll know someone that does, and if you’ve ever browsed around on Facebook for example then you’ll soon realise it’s full of people that like a good moan. It’s human nature, we can’t help it. Sometimes you just feel better after a good vent. Even so if you’re a business online or offline, no matter what it is you do you definitely don’t want to be the person they’re complaining about. Especially if you recently provided a service.

Van racking can help you minimise the chances you will get a complaint by making you look professional and organised. Nothing’s going to make somebody roll their eyes quicker than if you look like you can’t even find your way around your own work space properly. They’ll be left wondering why they didn’t go with the guy down the street, and you’ve set yourself up for a complaint effectively before you’ve even lifted a finger.

Having your van well organised is extremely important because it’s the only way you’re going to be able to find the tools you need in the most efficient manner. If you have your van looking great with a top class racking job in place then you can systematically organise your van however you need. This in turn will make things far more convenient for you at work and you won’t be left pulling your hair out every fifteen minutes because you can’t find that one tool you need. Nobody wants to be stressed at work and your customers will surely pick up on this if you are. It’s going to make them feel uncomfortable and will leave a bad taste in their mouth. With the right van racking system you’ll be able to relax at work and you’ll put your customers at ease too.

Safety is of paramount importance when you’re on the road as well and you might be wondering if there are any safety benefits in van shelving or using the right storage solution. There are two main benefits here, because everything’s secured properly both inside the van and out you’re not going to cause potentially fatal accidents. This is why roof racks are so important, they ensure your load is secured safely and efficiently. Also have you ever opened up the back of your van and found that items are damaged or you can no longer find them? This is a fairly common problem that’s usually caused by braking and by kitting out your van the right way this will be something you no longer have to deal with.

Ultimately you’re going to be far more effective when you’re making the most of your available space and efficiency goes a long way to providing a fantastic experience for your customers. We all want things to be done as quickly as possible, and van racking can help you do that. The reason being because you’ve organised your van effectively. You know your way around and you know where to find the tools you need without wasting anybody’s time. You’ll be sure to impress when you not only get the job done to a very high standard but you finish it in a very timely manner too. Remember, be sure to quote your website, this is a very important step and if you don’t have one get a little one set up, even if it’s just an information site on the types of services you provide with a gallery to some finished jobs.

This is making your business more social media friendly and there’s a fairly good chance you’ll receive a nice positive new referral on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve made the right impression.

If you aren’t using a system that makes your van look like a professional work area then the last thing you’d want is someone telling all their friends about how messy it was online. With van racking installed it shows you take pride in your work and are committed to getting the best results for your clients.

Then there’s the cash benefits to racking out your van, truth be told it could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run because, no longer are you having to replace lost of damaged items.

A quality van kit is going to last for a long, long time so you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth and you’ll be able to enjoy your van for years more.

If you have a mobile business then van racking should be installed as standard but too many people fail to recognise the impact it will make in terms of appearance, and what it could do for your business in the long term. There are many companies out there that provide racking for a wide range of makes and models. These include:


So no matter what your vehicle, you’ll be surebe to find something to suit your requirements and bring you closer to that dream work van you’ve always wanted. If you hate the idea of standard designs then you can have a custom design made to really help you stand out from the crowd. This will go a long way to leaving a strong impression on your clients, long after the work is done, and make you the go to guy in the future.

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Vantage Systems Join Social Media Platforms

We’ve recently joined Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr so we’ll be able to keep you updated on all the latest products, as well as provide you with useful articles to answer all your van racking needs!



We’ll be adding to these properties over the coming weeks, if you have any comments please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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