KammBar® is the latest evolution in roof bar design, and can be fitted to all of Europe's leading commercial vehicles.

Developed using the latest technologies in design and manufacturing, and inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm Rhino has produced one of the most aerodynamic bar profiles to date.  The advanced aerodynamics don't stop with the bar design, as Rhino have also developed a new shaped load stop to work in conjunction with the KammBar®.  Two pairs of load stops are supplied with the KammBar® systems.

Each cross tube can carry a weight of up to 75kg which means (in most cases) they are actually stronger than the roof of your van. This means they won't leave you wanting for any other type of roof bar system.

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Compatibility Table

Product CodeRoof HeightWheelbaseRear DoorDescription
GB2KSH1L1Twin Doors2 Bar KammBar System
GB3KSH1L1Twin Doors3 Bar KammBar System

Technical Specifications


– Lightweight yet extremely strong– Can carry up to 75kg per bar– Aids fuel efficiency– Aerodynamic shaped bar & load stops– Pre-assembled legs– Quick & easy fitting time– Lockable leg cowls– Manufactured from aluminium– Anodised aluminium

Dimensions and weight.

Length of the cross tube 60 x 38

Weight for the 1400 bar is 1.84kg

*Check vehicle specifications

Product Accessories

– PipeTube
– Safe
®KammBar Roller System

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