TowStep™ Duo

The new TowStepDuo is a 2 part, fixed step and has been designed to accommodate all European commercial vehicles and is compatible with the following towballs:

Continental/Euro 4 bolt fixingContinental/Euro 4 bolt fixing Pin and BallDixon Bate Universal Couplings Pin and BallDixon Bate Jaw

  • £155.73
  • Product Code

Compatibility Table

Product CodeRoof HeightWheelbaseRear DoorDescription
TS02BALLALLALLBlack - No Reversing Sensors
TS02BOEALLALLALLBlack - With Connect+ Parking Sensor Plug & Play Kit
TS02BRALLALLALLBlack - With Reversing Sensors
TS02YALLALLALLYellow - No Reversing Sensors
TS02YOEALLALLALLYellow - With Connect+ Parking Sensor Plug & Play Kit
TS02YRALLALLALLYellow - With Reversing Sensors

Technical Specifications

  • Full width step design with large safety tread
  • Substantial 110° turning angle for attached trailers
  • Compliant with UN ECE Regulation 55
  • Maximum load weight 136kg
  • Product weighs only 11kg
  • Manufactured from heavy plastic composite, mounted onto a robust steel frame
  • Anti-slip tread plates to ensure maximum grip in all weather conditions
  • Industry leading unique 2 coat process of electropaint primer and polyester black powder coating ensures maximum corrosion resistance
  • Available in two colour options (black & yellow)
  • Available with and without reversing sensors
  • Enables access to the rear of the vehicle, as well as the loading / unloading of roof racks